Welcome to Anguilla

Island facts

STATUTE: British Overseas Territory

CAPITAL: The Valley 


LANGUAGES: English, english creol, anguillan english

POPULATION: 16 418 inhabitants

SIZE: 91 km2


ELECTRICITY: 110V/60Hz (besoin d’un adapteur)

DRIVING: Driving on the left, and a specific driving licence is needed

The refuge for lovers of tranquillity

Christopher Columbus sailed by Anguilla in 1493 but did not stop on the island. It was the English settlers of Saint Kitts who first settled the island in the seventeenth century. Anguilla also includes several islets which surround the island, accessible only by boat.

A stay here is a chance to enjoy its 30 beaches and its extraordinary calm.

Anguilla connection

Our company doesn’t have regular trips between St Martin and Anguilla but we can make trip between Anguilla to St Barth in partnership with Voyager and Anguillan ferries. In the Marigot hub, you will use the same dock to go to Anguilla & St Barth. You only have to look at the Voyager schedule to check on which trip our boat leaves and arrives in Marigot to make the connection. Departures & arrivals to/from Anguilla (every 30min, without reservation, round trip fare is about $50) are perfectly connected with Voyager schedule to/from St Barths

If you want to go from Anguilla to St Barth:
  • Make your reservation with Voyager
  • Take the shuttle from Anguilla to Marigot (with an arrival of a minimum of 20 min before Voyager departure in Marigot). Then, go to the Voyager office, for the check in (on the same dock).
If you want to go from St Barth to Anguilla:
  • Make your reservation with Voyager
  • When you arrive in Marigot with Voyager, go to Anguilla terminal (same dock).

More about Anguilla

Find the main points of interest on this interactive map.

The valley


West End


Blowing Point

anguilla_ferry_arrivalsDépart des navettes pour Marigot. Connection avec St Barth.

Ground Village


Shoal Bay


Rendez-vous Bay


East End


Nagez avec les dauphins !

dolphin_anguillaNagez avec les dauphins dans leur milieu naturel. Activité en vente aux guichets Voyager à St Martin et St Barth.

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