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To each his budget, to each his desires!

Voyager offers 3 classes of travel adapted to your budgets and your desires.
Seating is free according to your class of ticket and you can even combine different classes of outward and return journeys. Discover our three travel classes and choose the one that suits you best!


BUSINESS CLASS: Maximum comfort and benefits!


Services of the eco class, plus:

  • Priority check-in and disembarkation
  • Possible notification of time of arrival at your hotel or rental agency
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Private air-conditioned panoramic cabin with 8 large reclining chairs
  • Audio-video system, individual charger for laptop, and high-speed Wi-Fi on board
  • Personalised cocktail service offered on board
  • Welcome gift!

SMART class: Comfort, simplicity and speed!


Services of the eco class, plus:

  • Priority check-in
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • High-speed Wi-Fi on board

ECO Class: Quality service with the lowest rates!


Basic services offered to all passengers, including the ECO class

  • Wi-Fi broadband and possibility of recharging your laptop at check-in
  • At least 2 pieces of luggage per person
  • Comfort of air-conditioned cabins with audio-video system
  • Shaded or sunny outdoor decks freely accessible
  • Newspapers and / or magazines available
  • Fresh drinks offered on board
  • The best rates: save up to €18 by booking online!
Virtual visit: Business class
Virtual visit: eco & smart

Wellbeing on board

For your trip, we recommend you wear light clothing with a hat / cap, think of bringing good sunscreen, sunglasses and possibly your beach kit … 😉

On board, you will be welcomed by a professional, smiling crew!

Choose between different decks and settle in to enjoy the panoramic views, comfortably installed inside our cabins, or outside for sunbathing under the West Indies sun!

The trip is planned primarily for your enjoyment, so you can move freely between the different cabins, the lounge bar and the two outdoor decks, admire the scenery and the islands while enjoying the fresh drinks offered to all by the crew. Several toilets are at your disposal on the lower deck during the crossing.

For you, our crew, who speaks fluent French and English, will ensure your safety, will assist you in case of need and will be happy to make your trip unforgettable!

divertissement_voyager3Our screens on board will keep you entertained. On the program: fun videos, music videos, videos of St Barth…

And for those who prefer it, Voyager also offers nature and fashion magazines on St Martin and St Barth.

Sunbath on the outside decks under the Caribbean sun, simply enjoying the sea air … but watch out for spray if the sea is rough!

Follow the whale route (January and April), or spot dolphins or flying fish, and observe the seabirds that sometimes accompany us during the crossing.

Don’t miss the approach to St Barth, where you can watch the turtles that often swim between the boats at anchor!

d_1399-voyager3Regulations on board

Passengers undertake to comply, in all cases, with the regulations established by the Company on board its ships, and in particular to follow the instructions of the crew.

It is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the cabins or toilets. Unless otherwise indicated, smoking is permitted on outside decks.

Our boats are equipped with lifejackets and lifeboats, located at the indicated locations. In case of evacuation of the ship, strictly follow the instructions of the crew.

In the event of non-compliance by a passenger with the instructions of the crew, preventing the departure of the vessel or preventing the crew from performing their duties, the passenger may be disembarked and prosecuted.

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10 tips to prevent seasickness

1. Stay Zen!
The first thing to do when boarding our boats is to keep your calm by telling yourself that you have chosen the most comfortable boats for your trip. Nervousness and anxiety can indeed promote seasickness. So, if possible, arrive a little in advance to avoid stress. Find your seat and sit quietly, breathing gently to avoid the swells of the sea.

2. Eat light!
Before boarding, follow a light, low-fat diet to aid digestion. Avoid arriving with an empty stomach, as feelings of hunger can make things worse, or eating 5 minutes before departure …

3. Place yourself in the centre of the boat
Our ships have been specially designed for comfort but maximum stability is to be found in the centre of the boat on the lower deck. This is the best place to avoid any possible movement of the boat during the crossing.

4. Face the direction of travel and focus on the horizon!
A simple tip to calm seasickness is to focus on the horizon far ahead of you or the coast. This can sometimes be enough to make the feelings of discomfort disappear.

5. Take the air!
If you feel seasickness rising, do not hesitate to take the air on our outside decks. Breathe at your own pace and without forcing matters, to avoid hyper ventilation. Move around the boat if bad smells are disturbing you.

6. Avoid tobacco and alcohol
Consumption of tobacco or alcohol can aggravate seasickness. Avoid smoking if you are used to it and avoid the consumption of alcohol. Think, however, of hydrating yourself by drinking regularly and with small sips of water.

7. Rest and take a nap!
Before but also during the crossing! Fatigue is a factor that can aggravate seasickness, so you must be well rested before boarding. During the crossing as well, resting by taking a nap can help you avoid sea sickness.

8. Avoid reading or playing video games
Reading, and playing video games, can aggravate seasickness. These activities are not recommended during a boat trip.

9. Try our very effective anti-seasickness bracelets!
Although our ships have been designed to provide the best possible comfort, the Caribbean Sea can be restless and we recommend that sensitive people use our anti-seasickness bracelets.
Without side effects, easy to use and reusable, these are no mere gadget – these bracelets are so effective that we promise to refund you their purchase price without discussion if you aren’t satisfied!
Our anti-seasickness bracelets are available at all our offices; do not hesitate to ask for them!

10. Take the right drugs.
This is the medical alternative to the above solutions. There are antihistaminic or homeopathic drugs in the pharmacy, while you can also find medication in the form of a patch. Be aware that if they are effective, they can cause drowsiness.

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