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What to do St Barths ?

St Barths is the most beautiful excursion from St Martin: tours, shopping and beaches are on the program!
Discover all the activities to do in St Barths here.

Do you offer packages to St Barths?

Voyager has several packages to meet your desires and your budget! Check our packages out on the St Barths page.

To you go to islands other than St Martin and St Barths?

Other islands may, exceptionally, be served by Voyager. For more information, click here.
If you want to travel between Anguilla and St Barths, please check out here.


Can you buy tickets on departure?

You can buy your ticket on departure but only if the boat is not full, and without any possible discounts. That’s why we advise you to book several days in advance to be sure to get a space, and to benefit from our best rates! Book online!

How to book
  • On our website: click here.
  • By email: click here.
  • By phone: call us from France on +33 (0) 5 90 87 10 68. From abroad: (590) 590 87 10 68 (from the USA, dial 011 590 590 87 10 68).
  • At our counters: click here.


How can I find out the schedules, and do they change according to days or time of year?

Simply make an online booking request specifying the port of departure and arrival, as well as the dates of travel and will show you all available departures with their schedules. The schedules are not the same every day, and change depending on high and low season. This is why your reservation request must specify the date of the trip. We advise you to check your ports of departure and arrival.



Can I reserve a ticket with an “open” date?

We offer “open” tickets. To get one of these, just let us know at the time of your reservation (except fixed date tickets). You can only book these tickets by phone or at the ticket office. These tickets may be used for up to a year.

Which port should I choose?

Voyager uses several ports in St Martin. If you are looking for the shortest crossing, go to / from Oyster Pond! Make a reservation request, and depending on the schedules offered, choose the trip and the ports that suit you best! I search!

Are there several classes on board?

On board, you will have the choice between three classes of travel: Business Class, Smart, and Eco. Adapted to your budgets and your desires, make the most of their advantages.
Discover our three classes of trips.

Where do I get the rates?

Simply make an online booking request specifying the port of departure and arrival, as well as the dates of travel. We will show you all the schedules with the available rates. All our rates include taxes and free drinks on board. I search!

How do I get the resident’s rate or Voyager Card?

To find out how to benefit from these rates, click here.

How do I get discounts with the Voyager Card if I’m a non-resident?

If you want to take advantage of discounts with the Voyager Card, check out our price page.

What are frequent traveller tickets?

As their name suggests, they are for people who travel, and are the cheapest available! Please note, the use of these tickets (this also concerns companies) is subject to conditions. To find the formula that suits you the best way to travel, contact us!

Is there a special rate for children, the elderly, the military… ?

Voyager offers special rates:

  • Children under 2 years old: free tickets (but specify their number when booking)
  • Children between the ages of 2 and 11: discounted tickets (specify their number when booking to qualify for this special rate)
  •  Elderly, military, etc….: We are sorry but the company does not offer a special rate for these people.

You will still be entitled to a discount like all passengers if you book in advance!

Book online!


Is there a special rate for groups and associations?

You can find all information about groups and associations on our information page.

Is the boat available for private rental?

Do you want to book the whole boat or an entire cabin of the boat, choose your own destination, your schedules, or service? Our boats are scheduled for private charter trips to nearby islands. Contact us for a quick estimate on request.

I’m in the tourism business and would like to make a booking for my customers …

If you book more than 50 passengers a year, contact us! Alternatively, we suggest you make a reservation as an individual customer.

Questions about pregnant women, people needing assistance, animals, whether or not luggage is accompanied …

All our answers can be found on our information page.

Can I get travel insurance?

Find out more about insurance by clicking here.

When making a booking on your site, I cannot confirm my booking because I don’t know my username or password …

If you have never made a reservation on our website before, complete the form by choosing your own username and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, create a new one!

Should we pay at the time of booking, in which currency, and which means of payment are accepted? Is payment via the website secure? Should I print my booking out?

Your booking will be only be final after full payment for your tickets : 

  • At our counters you may pay in cash (in Euros or dollars), by cheque (from a bank in St Martin or St Barths) or by bank card (Visa or Mastercard) in Euros only (if your account is in dollars, It is your bank that will choose the exchange rate debited from your account).
  •  By telephone or online by bank card (Visa or Mastercard) with secure payment (Ogone). To find out our rates in dollars, contact us!


Where are the departure ports?

Don’t forget to check the port of departure or arrival (several possible ports in St Martin) when you make your booking. Check out the ports.

Is there an airport shuttle, and how long does it take?

From the two airports of St Martin, taxis are readily available to go to the port (don’t forget to specify your port of departure to St Martin).
We can reserve taxis from Oyster Pond on your way back from St Barts, and taxis are available directly at the port of Marigot. Taxi fares vary depending on the route, the number of people and baggage, so it is difficult to give you an exact idea of prices. For example, between €20 and 30 for 2 people between the international airport of Juliana and Marigot. You may pay in euros or in dollars.
Check all travel times between airports and ports here.

What should I do before I depart?

For information on departure arrangements, please visit our information page.

Immigration control

Check the entry documents required for the booking and do not forget your identity papers, or you will be unable to leave … For up to date answers on formalities and immigration controls, click here.
For more information, do not hesitate to contact us!


What services are available on board?

Click here to see all our services available on board.

How long is the crossing and what is the fastest crossing?
  • 30 minutes between St Martin Oyster Pond and St Barths (fastest crossing)
  • 1 hour between St Martin Marigot and St Barths

The indicated times are from the departure buoy to the arrival buoy (allow a few extra minutes for the arrival channel, berthing manoeuvre, disembarking the boat and passing immigration control), and may vary depending on Weather, port authorities, etc.

Will I get seasick?

Voyager has 10 tips to prevent transport sickness. Click here.

Can I change my trip, get a refund?

If you wish to change or cancel your trip, it is very important to contact us as soon as possible before departure. We will then tell you if we can move your trip, leave an “open” date for your ticket, if there is a fee, or get a refund.

The cancellation and refund conditions are available here. Otherwise, send us an email.

Can the company change timetables, departure ports?

In accordance with our general conditions of carriage, the company may be required to change its schedules or ports of departure or arrival. In such a case, we will try to notify you as soon as possible and that is why it is important to leave a mobile number (and possibly a landline), as well as an email address where we can reach you before departure or during your trip.

Is the Internet available online

Some of our travel classes offer high-speed internet on board. Check out the benefits of the different classes here. At our counters and during check-in you will also have free Wi-Fi.

What if I lose something?

The company is unfortunately not responsible for luggage on board, which is under the responsibility of the passengers. Nevertheless, for any lost object, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you. 


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