Arriving by the road to Saline, on the top of the dreary overlooking Grand Fond, you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view: you can see the surrounding islands on the horizon.This natural landscape will take you into the entire ocean and into a small authentic Caribbean island…A must-see milestone during your visit to St. Barth, mixing wild and natural landscapes, full of authenticity!

Going down the road you’ll arrive at the mysterious Grand Fond beach…

Grand Fond is first the wild coast of St. Barth in all its splendor, the beach beaten by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean contrasting with the island’s other beaches, bathed by the Caribbean Sea, much quieter…The sea is wild, swimming is often discouraged because of many rocks that emerge from the water, but Grand Fond remains a spot for surfers and body boarders.

We recommend you enjoy a nice ride on the pebbles and let yourself be rocked by the caresses of the wind and the sound of the waves, a nice way to recharge.The beach also attracts many shellfish lovers, although their pickup is not allowed.

At Grand Fond, you can also find a beautiful hidden treasure: natural pools.They are accessible on foot by walking the right path of Grand Fond Beach after about a good 15 minute walk.Beware though, the paths are slippery and especially the pools aren’t always deep enough to jump inside (watch out for sea urchins too!).

Grand Fond’s little walls snaking over the dreary (and playing a big role in the charm of Grand Fond), were damaged by Hurricane Irma. Some walls were recently repaired by concrete walls adorned with pieces of coral.This rehabilitation caused great controversy locally because they were not rebuilt the same, and many islanders moved to see their heritage and history somewhat altered.

Beautiful villas edge the paths and foothills of the dreary (small hills). Here you will find the most famous of them all, Villa Noureev, a unique house built for Rudolf Noureev (the famous Russian star dancer from the 1960 s to 1990 s). It was his home for many years, a retreat where he could recharge and withdraw from the world. Rudolf Noureev saw the beauty and charm of St. Barth long before the many billionaires who came to settle there later.

This ultra-luxurious 4 bedroom villa with private pool and jacuzzi, is located just minutes from the Toiny, just over the sea and its terrace offers stunning 360 degree ocean views. On the walls of this magnificent villa are rated inspiring quotes or poems, such as ′′ I’m not meant to live in society, it’s artificial “, Rudolf Noureev was certainly a famous dancer in his day, but also a marginal who used to love isolating from social life to enjoy the serenity of Grand Fond.

Unlike other parts of St. Barth Island where there are many tourist homes, Grand Fond is an authentic and unique neighborhood, where residents of the island’s families reside, we strongly advise you to spend there and you stop to visit St Barth differently!