And if this year for the “Chandeleur”, you were offered a little exotic?
Let go, we give you reveal recipes in the Caribbean style 😀

Some have been tested and approved (Yes, we’re very greedy at Voyager), there’s something for everyone !

So all of your “pans” and Bon Appetit !

Sweet side : why don’t you try to change? A few pieces of fruit: mango, passion fruit , banana, coconut, dragon fruit… it’s an explosion of flavor guaranteed in the mouth.
If you wanna add chocolate so there, it’s guaranteed success !

Salty Side: and for lovers of the salty, there is also a great choice…
With good local fish fried and spicy for example? And for eat it ? Why not try it in a cone.

And you, what are your little secrets to prepare the crepes ? Do you have any recipes to offer us? 😉

Pancake Recipes in the caribbean style :