Our history


Creation of the Voyager 1 co-ownership by Dieter Gust, CEO of the CNB (Naval Construction Bordeaux) shipyard, with the support of a group of French investors specializing in tourism and maritime transport.

Launch of the company’s first ship: Voyager 1



One return a day

Start of operation from Marigot with one return a day

Under the dynamic impetus of Lila Rosen, Voyager rapidly gains market share in St Martin.

Thanks to the excellent work of Mariners Joseph Corlobé and Frédéric Maccanti and their Ship’s Husband Richard Bidegaray, Voyager 1 sheltered in the lagoon of St Martin to resist the passage of cyclone Luis devastating the northern islands. It is Voyager 1 that would bring first aid to the island of St Barthelemy…

Voyager 2

Launch of the Voyager 2 catamaran and operation of the ship from Philipsburg, the Dutch part of St Martin

Jean Claude Latournerie is appointed manager of the company to organize it and then develop it.



Second rotation per day

Introduction of a second rotation per day, with a ship now based in St Barths.

The effective action of the agent of St Barths, Dany Siau, wins Voyager the heart of the inhabitants of St Barthswho affectionately nickname the company: “Le Voyageur”

Oyster Pond

Launch of a new service from Oyster Pond, in addition to that from Marigot



3rd rotation per day

Launch of a 3rd rotation per day

Voyager 3 work in progress

Jean Claude Latournerie and his team begin construction of a hydrofoil catamaran in the French shipyard CNB according to the plans of the architect Philippe Subrero (Mer & Design)



Voyager 3

Boat launch in Bordeaux of the hydrofoil catamaran Voyager3 Dreamliner on 2 November. On 5 December, Voyager3 Dreamliner is christened in the port of Gustavia

Creation of a Business Class on board

1st transport company

Voyager becomes the 1st transport company between St Martin and St Barths by number of passengers transported



Sea Rescue

On January 29, the crew of Voyager3 Dreamliner saves, just before nightfall, 3 passengers of a plane that had crashed at sea.

Smart Class

Creation of the Smart class on board

Introduction of a new Zenith reservation system

Voyager achieves 100,000 passengers in one year!



New website

Launch of a new version of the website and a blog

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